Clay Shooting


Compak Sporting is a relatively new Clay Shooting discipline consisting of targets used in English and International Sporting.

There are five stands per layout with five shooters per squad.

Each layout consists of shooting 25 targets, 5 per stand in one of the following sequences:

• Five single targets,
• Three single targets and one double, (on report or simultaneous),
• One single target and two doubles, (on report or simultaneous).

Any type of target can be used, be it standard, rabbit, mini, battue, mini, rocket, etc.

The colour of the targets chosen must be as visible as possible, depending on the terrain.

Each layout must have a minimum of six traps.

The positioning of the traps is the course setter’s choice, as long as when the targets are thrown they do not cause danger to the shooters, referees, staff or the spectators, even in the event of a No Bird.

For many shooters the goal is to shoot in their national team and compete in International events such as the European and World Championships.



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